Guest Post: Scarsdale Composting Program

We’re thrilled to feature a guest post about Scarsdale’s food scrap recycling program by Darlene Haber, Michelle Sterling, and Ron Schulhof:

Scarsdale Launches the First Food Scrap Recycling Program in Westchester County … and wants to share the program with other municipalities in Westchester!

In January of this year Scarsdale launched the first municipal food scrap recycling program in Westchester County!  Residents Ron Schulhof and Michelle Sterling partnered with the Village of Scarsdale to launch this program.  The first six months have been a resounding success with over 67,000 lbs. of food scraps collected and recycled into useful compost!

The program is set up as a voluntary municipal drop-off site where residents can bring their food scraps.  Residents collect their food scraps at home in a fully sealed countertop pail lined with a compostable bag.  Once the countertop pail fills up, the bags can be stored in larger storage and transportation bin until the homeowner is ready to bring their food scraps to the drop-off site.  The larger bin, which locks for transportation, is taken by the homeowner to the Scarsdale Recycling Center and dumped into larger toters at the drop-off site site.  From there the food scraps are picked up and brought to an off-site composting facility and turned into useful compost!

starter kit on counter
“Starter kit” offered to residents, which consists of a countertop pail, roll of compostable liner bags for the pail, transportation bin, and program guide

Just six months into the program 67,000 lbs of food scraps has already been collected recycled into compost!  Each week more than 2 tons of food scraps are brought to the Scarsdale Recycling Center!  There are currently more than 750 Scarsdale households (13% of the community) participating and the number grows every day!

If you are interested in starting a similar program in your community, please email the Scarsdale Food Scrap Recycling Committee at and they would be happy to give your community everything you need to get started!

New Green Bins
Food Scrap Recycling Drop Spot at our Scarsdale Recycling Center

Together we can reduce our waste and help our towns and Westchester County be an environmental leader.  Together we can all do it!

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