Things We LOVE about living in Westchester County

butterflygardenFebruary is the month of love!

We thought it would be fun to highlight just a few of the reasons why we love living and working in Westchester County.


1) We have access to over 18,000 acres of public, county-owned parkland where we can hike, picnic, bird watch, and explore with the family. There are also some hidden gems like Cranberry Lake Preserve and Marshlands Conservancy.

2) There is water all around us! We are bordered on the west side by the Hudson River and on the southeast side by the Long Island Sound. These shoreline landscapes provide important habitat for our region’s native species, like the Atlantic Sturgeon.

3) Great family outing opportunities are found all over the county and during all seasons. Join in on the fun with Bicycle Sundays, where you’ll find people of all ages and activity levels bicycling, skating, and pushing strollers up and down Bronx River Parkway. In north-county, at Teatown’s Eaglefest kids, young and old, come out to catch a glimpse of the wintering bald eagles; and scattering throughout the whole county are the nature centers, which offer free, family-friendly environmental education programming.

4) Our elected officials are working hard to address and mitigate against the impending structural and fiscal challenges due to climate change. Our County and Municipal Officials have made themselves accessible by attending local events, holding meetings, and offering insight into current events.

5) A dedicated community of advocates and organizations pushing to keep our environment at the highest quality. Our residents are passionate about where they live and for generations they have protected our Westchester.

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